PWT Mobridge Day 3PM:

Photos and Story by: Juls Davis

May 30th, 2008 

Mark Martin Wins the PWT at Lake Oahe!

PWT Pro and veteran Walleye angler, Mark Martin is no stranger to winning. Today he added another win to his name, by edging out the two day leader, Aaron Deal, by 2.72 pounds, by weighing in a total of 47.93 pounds over three days.

Juls: So Mark, what does it feel like to win this event? Aaron led it for two days, and you came from behind to win it. What does it feel like to be the one to win?

Mark: Ah, I feel great about it. I don't like to, you know, have to burst someone else's bubble mine's been bursted a bunch of times, he's young and if he deals with it, he's going to have a time where he's up on stage too, so, no, I work so HARD at this, and this is just a big bonus when this happens. You never even anticipate it, and it's one of those things that I told Dave Anderson, he and I were talking and I said, geez I never thought that for three days, basically, that I could fish one little tiny spot, and that's when I won the championship back in 1990. I fished one little tiny spot and today we caught over 100 and some fish, and it almost got to the point of work, because you throw out and you say, I got another bite (laughing), it's like we couldn't hardly keep our rods in the water. It was a lot of fun having that kind of action all the time, so you know...

Seeing fish, you'd lay on them. Either the dead rods lying down, or the fish would move out away from the boat, and you'd catch them on a jig. So, you'd move some more and sit on them cast around and catch some more move around and then find them again. So, they must've all been either coming down the shore line or moving up from deeper water.



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